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Some time in early 1963, a group of local citizens held a meeting at the Lutheran church for the purpose of starting a Rescue Squad. Broadway had a Squad, Winchester and Harrisonburg had squads but Shenandoah County had none. Some of the people who attended this meeting were Mr. and Mrs., Stanley Kagey Kenny Green, Dick Sigler, Dan Proctor, James Harris, Richard Hottle, Paul Estep, Carroll Estep, and Evelyn Richardson, 

The Squad was chartered in 1963 with the late Stanley Kagey serving as the first president of the organization. The Squad purchased a used 1958 Pontiac ambulance as their first unit and housed it at Dellinger Funeral Home.

In June 1968 plans were drawn for the new Rescue Squad headquarters at a cost of $24,000, Dan Proctor served as chairman of building committee and when asked by Charlie Cash the bank president ask what the group had for security, Dan's answer was "The faith of our people in the community" the Squad received the loan, completed the building and paid off the loan 8 years earlier then expected.
The Squad has a sub-base in the Basye-Orkney area, owns a total of 5 rescue units, and 2 boats,The sub-base has a lot and plant to build a bnew building in the near future,There are 15 Orkney-Basye members, 31 Mt.Jackson Members.The current President is Richard Hottle(the only active charter member)John Gangwer Vice President, Jack Sperry treasurer, Virgie Lutz Secretary and Kenny Bean Captain. The day dispatcher is Max Miller at Millers Grocery, Rick Moomaw is Lt.in charge of Orkney-Basye sub-station,

The Squad has all the modern equipment needed to give the very best first aid services too the community,
The Squad is a member of the Virginia Association of Volunteer rescue squads. The members of the squad would like to thank all the area citizens for their support.
David--I wrote this up for the Chamber May 1988----Jack Sperry
1988 Article by Jack Sperry